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  • First personal Jekyll Discoverypublished on January 18, 2014

    So, I’ve slowly been working on the github.io template here. Today, I’ve broken down and installed ruby and jekyll onto my local development machines. As an aside, if you want to do the same in a Debian-based GNU/Linux distro, simply enter the following:

    sudo apt-get install ruby ruby-dev
    sudo gem install jekyll

    Well, while working on the layouts and templates for my jekyll installation, I discovered (after much frustration with my stylesheet “not working”) that I hadn’t updated site.url in my _config.yml file; it was still loading the old stylesheets located at http://akoimeexx.github.io/media/css/stylesheet.css. Obviously I needed to change over the site.url setting in my config, but I hate just replacing a value temporarily for development purposes.

    Guess what? You can overload the settings:

    encoding: utf-8
    paginate: 10
    paginate_path: "/journal/page-:num"
    permalink: /journal/:title
      input: GFM
    safe: true
    timezone: America/Detroit
    url: http://akoimeexx.github.io
    url: http://localhost:4000

    I feel so smart.